Abraham Quintanilla Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Biography & Relationship

American singer, composer, and producer Abraham Quintanilla Jr. He is best known for being the late singer Selena Quintanilla’s father. Abraham joined the group Los Dinos (“The Guys”) in the 1950s when his interest in audio was still in his teen years.

He produced a ton of songs for Selena, his daughter, and his band. “Give Me A Single Chance” was the band’s most popular song. With one strike airplay in South Texas at the time of its release, it sold more than 150,000 copies and became the band’s anthem.

On February 20, 1939, Abraham Quintanilla was born in Corpus Christi, Texas, in the United States. He will only be 83 years old as of 2022, and his 83rd birthday was only two months ago. He is a Pisces based on the year and the thirty days of his delivery.

Users discussing his personal daily life and family said he has six siblings and is the sixth member of the family. He prefers to spend time with his family over spending time with his friends and doing other things because he is a family man.

Right up until the age of 14, he continued to attend mass at the Catholic church. Later, when he was 14, his parents started to become Jehovah’s Witnesses. Since then, Abraham has pursued it as well, though he has kept his personal life very hidden from his professional one and has not said much about it in public.

Abraham Quintanilla’s Career

At a high school dance in 1957, Abraham Quintanilla witnessed a group of his former classmates performing and got in touch with them to express his interest in joining. Quintanilla was allowed to practice with the ensemble at the time because the lead vocalist was departing. The gang eventually accepted him as a member.

The band Los Dinos released six albums, including the self-titled debut from 1963, “Con Esta Copa” from 1964, “The Dinos” from 1965, and “2000.” (1962). The group, which was active in the 1960s, encountered some bigotry and discrimination. They frequently were not permitted to perform at white places because of their Mexican ancestry.

The trio first had difficulties performing for Mexican audiences because they were unfamiliar with Mexican music and played almost exclusively English tunes. Later, they shifted to producing Chicano rock music.

In order to start a family and settle down in Lake Jackson, Texas, Quintanilla left the band in 1971.

Overseeing Selena’s Career

When Selena was six years old, Quintanilla recognized her innate musical talent and began working with her to hone her singing abilities.

He founded Selena y Los Dinos in 1981, a new band featuring Selena on vocals, Abraham III on bass, and Suzette on drums. The ensemble started performing at events including weddings, parties, and street corners. The family relied on this as their primary source of income, especially after Quintanilla’s Mexican eatery, PapaGayos, shuttered.

Over the course of five years, Selena y Los Dinos published six albums: “Mis Primeras Grabaciones” (1984), “Alpha” (1986), “Munequito De Trapo” (1986), “And The Winner Is… ” (1987), “Preciosa” (1988), and “Dulce Amor” (1988).

Selena launched her first self-titled album in 1989. She then went on to release five further albums, including “Dreaming of You” (1994), “Amor Prohibido” (1993), “Selena Live!” (1993), and “Ven Conmigo” (1990). (1995, released posthumously).

Abraham Quintanilla’s Net Worth

By 2022, Abraham Quintanilla’s estimated net worth will be around $10 million. He is one of the wealthiest and most well-known musicians in the country. His enormous net worth and profits include all of the money he has made from his musical work and songs.

He undoubtedly benefited from his involvement in the new music industry for more than 65 years in terms of helping him establish a name for himself as well as major fame. His daughter Selena, who is also a well-known performer, would have a net worth of considerably more than $5 million, but she is no longer alive because she passed away at a young age.

Which band was Abraham Quintanilla a member of?

He founded the Los Dinos band, which is made up of family. All during her career as a musician, his daughter Selena was also a member of the band.

Abraham Quintanilla’s Approach to Social Media

Abraham Quintanilla isn’t very active on social media because he has minimized his outward image at the moment. He is not advertised on any social media channels. Since he is currently in his 80s, he is not really familiar with the platforms and lifestyle of social media.

Even though he is a well-known celebrity and singer, he dislikes displaying his appearance on various social media sites. A.B. Quintanilla III, his son, is reachable and active on Instagram in the meantime. With over 3622 posts, his Instagram account @abquintanilla3 has more than 599k followers.

Abraham Quintanilla is a gentleman since Marcella Ofelia Quintanilla is his current wife. They were both remarried in 1963, and they have been together for more than 59 years. Suzette Quintanilla, A.B. Quintanilla III, and Selena are the names of the couple’s three young children who they share.

Meanwhile, the president of Selena’s fan club and her closest friend killed his youngest daughter, Selena, when she was barely 21 years old. After Selena, his youngest daughter, died, he was greatly affected both mentally and physically.

While A.B. Quintanilla III and Suzette Quintanilla, Abharam’s other two young children, are well-known musicians and vocalists. Abraham served as a co-producer on the Netflix miniseries Selena: The Series, which debuted in 2020.