I Miss My Baby Quotes to Express Your LOVE

You are on this page because you miss the love of your life!

No negotiations, You being on this page means that you are in love and you are searching for the best quotes to send to your lover to let them know you miss them deeply.

Love is sweet, no doubt and the feelings that there’s someone one place thinking of you almost every instance is sweeter. You may need to constantly remind them you love them and miss them using the collection of “I miss my baby quotes for your love”.

I Miss My Baby Quotes and Messages

These heart touching I miss you quotes have been provided for you to freely use to express your feelings to your lover.

  1. I miss you like crazy, my piano man!
  2. It’s rather hard to concentrate when you are not around. I miss you, baby, pls come back on time!
  3. Do not forget, you left a heart behind, it might just stop if you don’t return on time. I miss you, lovely!
  4. Away from you, is away from life. Feels like I’m on another planet. I want you back in my world. I miss you!
  5. If I had my way, I’d rather be by your side always. The feeling ain’t right without you! Missing you!
  6. I lay my head on my soft pillow wishing I had it in your arms instead. I miss you, my love.
  7. My only dream is to be by your side right now. My only hope is in the existence of time!
  8. Don’t let me fall, come catch me swiftly cause, my heart faints slowly knowing you ain’t around! I miss you, baby!
  9. I just wanna be where you are, dining at your table and surrounded by your kisses. I miss you!
  10. I look forward to seeing you in no time. Come give back light into my eyes!
  11. A prolonged wait makes the heart grow weary! I miss you, my love!
  12. Missing the one you love keeps you short of breath! If you loved me, you’d come back for me. I miss you, honey.
  13. A little wait, a little pain in my heart. Come back already. I miss you, baby!
  14. I’ll count seconds, I’ll count hours, and I’ll count days because I know you’ll knock on the door at the appointed time. I miss you, sweetie!
  15. When I do not know what else to do while I miss you, I just take a look at our pictures and I feel you right next to me. I miss you, sugar!
  16. On your arrival, I’ll make your favourite meal and throw you a homecoming party! I miss you, boo!
  17. The next moment we share in each other’s arms can only get better than the time past. I look forward to being with you again. I miss you!
  1. I’m short of your kisses and short of your touch! When will I get them back in abundance? I miss you, love!
  2. I live because I want to see you come back, I live because I know there are better days ahead of us. Missing the one!
  3. The feeling is so strong, I just want you back doing to me the things you used to. I love you and on top of that, I miss you, baby!
  4. It ain’t such a good combo to be in love and also be away from your love. I want to rush back to kiss you, baby. I miss you!
  5. Eternity is too short to recompense how much I desire and miss you right now!
  6. Life just taught me to never let you go once I grab you again into my arms!
  7. It’s so disappointing when I can’t share a lot of these experiences with you. I miss you more than you know!
  8. Away from you has taught me faith and hope. Thank you, sweetie. I miss you!
  9. I miss you when I’m eating alone, I miss you when I laugh without you, I miss you when you ain’t online!
  10. Strength is what I feel enduring your wait. I miss you! Don’t keep me waiting still!
  11. Laughter doesn’t feel so good without the sound of yours in it anymore. I miss you, baby!
  12. Going to the cinema ain’t such a dream anymore without you. I miss you, babe!
  13. I imagine how wide you would have smiled if you were here to see this with me! I miss you, love!
  14. I feel so lonely and out in the cold without the warmth if your embrace. I sure miss you, boo!
  15. I’d rather take a walk home than take a ride and I’ve to endure your absence. I miss you!
  16. Promise me you’ll make up for the times we’ve spent apart. I miss you, dearie!
  17. I don’t want to miss you anymore, I just want you back my love!
  18. Another day without you is another day without meaning. I miss you, love!
  19. I don’t feel like rocking my favourite dresses anymore, cause you ain’t here to see me rock in them! I miss you, baby boo!
  20. I miss you, that’s why I’m texting to tell you just how much I love you, cause I just realized it!
  21. You left with my quest for life cause I seem not to enjoy my hobbies anymore without you around! I miss you, baby!
  22. I can’t wait for us to ride our bikes together, enjoy our favourite spots holding each other’s hands. I miss you, baby!
  23. Don’t fret, I’ll be back soon cause I miss you plenty!
  24. There is so much to achieve in unity. Missing you, made me realize that. I love you!
  25. I send my wishes every night to you through the cool breezes and the shining stars. I hope they make you feel fine. I miss you, sweetness!
  26. The doors of my home are always unlocked so you’d walk in when I’m not even around. I miss you, baby!
  27. It’s OK to miss you but it’s not if you kept me waiting.
  28. Where art thou, my love? Your girlfriend awaits your soonest arrival! I miss you!
  29. The sweetest melody ain’t sweet enough to cure my loneliness of you. I miss you, my angel!
  30. When it seems hard, be reminded that I’m coming home for you! I miss you too, my love!
  31. I wish my eyes could see far enough to watch you being yourself right about now. I miss you, no doubt!
  32. Every new dawn is a hope of your return and an end to this anguish I feel. I miss you, my love!
  33. Just a little while I’ll come knocking on your door, just a little while I’ll feel your warm embrace! I miss you, boo!
  34. I lay my bed smoothly with the hope you’ll come share it with me. I miss you, baby!
  35. The hardest part of loving you is missing you.
  36. Do not break my heart, do not dash my hope, I await your presence soonest! In other words, I miss you!
  37. No matter where you go, come find abode under my shelter, come find peace in my heart! I miss you, my love.
  38. I’m not tired of loving you, but I get tired waiting to see your lovely face. I miss you so much!
  39. I’m done reading the bulky novels just so time passes away but that ain’t even enough to make me stop thinking about you!
  40. The more I try to get my mind off of you, the more everything reminds me of you. I miss you, my love.
  41. My prayers every day is to never faint while waiting to be in your arms. I miss you, dearest!
  42. I seek everything that you are made of, but finding them lies in your return. I miss you, baby!
  43. Chatting non-stop can’t do it, video calls ain’t good enough either! I want you back, my only one! I miss you!
  44. Tell me, you’ll knock on my door in the next minute and I’ll be the happiest human on earth. I miss you!
  45. The clouds ain’t as bright as it used to be, the sun ain’t as beautiful in the time past because you took their lights away. I miss you, baby!
  46. I wish you journey mercy cause all I want for a lifetime is you! I miss you, love!
  47. I sowed a seed, just to watch it grow every day into a plant. That helps me believe in your return some day. I miss you, my love!
  48. I’ve never cared so much as I care for you. Your absence is my weakness. I miss you, boo!
  49. I hold onto the things you bought me just to feel your presence around me. I miss you, my love!
  50. Even though I miss you badly, I’m still thankful to you for making me feel this way about you! You are one of a kind!
  51. When you do return, I’ll dance to a dancehall music instead of playing soul music! I miss you!
  52. May you meet me in peace as I await your kisses, my love. I miss you!
  53. Luxury is having you next to me, poverty is wishing you were by my side. I miss you!
  54. I miss your smile when I tell you “I love you”.
  55. I’ll bring you more than a kiss but a thousand kisses when I set my eyes on you. I miss you!
  56. I’m lost in this world without you! I miss you, baby!
  57. You are irreplaceable in my world, which is why my friends can’t help me with my loneliness! I miss you!
  58. Is there a medication for missing a loved one? Cause my heart is desperate for it! I miss you, sweetheart!
  59. When I count my blessings, I count your heart amongst, when I say a prayer, I wish you were here with me. I miss you, boo!
  60. I don’t know what to do without you, I don’t know how to sing without you, neither do I know how to put a smile on my face when you ain’t here. I miss you, my love!
  61. I wanna beat this loneliness but the only way is being in your arms again. I miss you, love.
  62. I’ve saved the best of my everything for you! When you come back, you’ll have them all. I miss you, baby!
  63. I stay awake to see the beauty of the stars, but communicating with them makes me feel like you here with me. I miss you, babe!
  64. There is nothing more strenuous than having to wait for you! I miss you, plenty!
  65. Loneliness hits like a plague around here, I get sick staring at the clock! I miss you, boo!
  66. If missing you was a crime, the supreme court will jail you a lifetime for making me feel this way. I miss you, that much!
  67. My heart beats faster with the thought of you at the door. I miss you, my love!
  68. I choose to wait for your love, I’m gonna wait only for you. I miss you babe, my one and only!
  69. Patience is a virtue, then, I think I’m the most virtuous human on earth for persevering your absence this much. I miss you, my love!
  70. Instead of crying my heart to sleep, I write you plenty of love letters, instead of staring at the door, I look at your pictures on my wall. I miss you, my boo!
  71. It’s good for some light laughter thinking about the memories we shared. I miss you, love!
  72. Smells like you gonna be here soon, how arousing it feels. I miss you!
  73. At this moment, I feel like watching you sleep. I miss you, dearie.
  74. Just a couple of small reasons I want you back, Firstly, I miss you so much. Secondly, I can’t breathe without you!”
  75. Dear girlfriend, I miss the melody of your laughter! Yours in love. Boyfriend!
  76. I have only one prayer left and that is for a miracle of your safe return in a jiffy! I miss you, sweetie!
  77. For some days, maybe weeks, I can’t stop thinking about anything else but you! I miss you, love.
  78. I miss you and I can’t find such apt words to express it.
  79. If you knew how much I miss you, you’ll disappear right here my love. I miss you, boo!
  80. I can’t keep calm, cause I miss you!
  81. I miss the taste of your meal, the feeling of your love when we cuddle. And the list goes on!
  82. The way I miss you is just how much I love you! It’s so titanic!
  83. I miss you like I missed a heartbeat!

Cute I Miss You Babe Quotes

Love is in the eye, love is in action and love is in words; let your babe know how you miss them over a lovely text.

  1. I didn’t realize how strong my love for you is until you were. I discovered that missing you is just another part of loving you more.
  2. There aren’t enough words in this world to describe the way I feel when I miss you, babe. I might not let you go the next time!
  3. I know it would be impossible for you to be by my side at all times. That’s why I’m offering you my heart so you can take it along with you while you’re away.
  4. Even If we spent an entire lifetime together, I’d still miss you the second you leave my side.
  5. If I want to use the words to describe the way I feel when I miss you, I’ll probably miss spell them.
  6. Ever since you went away, I’ve gone on to master the art of missing you.
  7. My heart aches every time you are away.
  8. When I left home last night, I know I’m going to miss you so badly, I miss you my love, I will be home soon.
  9. When you left, you took my heart with you, please come home, the feeling of being lonely is so unbearable to me.
  10. You break my heart when you left, I can’t face this life alone without you here. I miss you.
  11. “My eyes await your return. Please come back soon. I miss you, baby!”
  12. I have no one to share my story with, I miss you.
  13. You are always the only one who cares and listen to me carefully when I talk, I miss you so much.
  14. You mean the whole world to me, I will soon rush back into your lovely arms, I miss you, babe.
  15. Life is so good to have you around, you are a lovely girl, I miss you so much.
  16. “The silence isn’t so bad, Till I look at my hands and feel sad. Because the spaces between my fingers are right where yours fit perfectly.”
  17. I am sick without you, I miss you, my love.
  18. I miss you like the flower misses the morning sun light.
  19. I shed tears when I think of how much I will miss you now that I’m leaving, I love you so much.
  20. No amount of pressure can take away your love from my heart, you are the only one made for me, I love you.

I Miss You Quotes for Her

I miss my babe so much and I need to let her/him know this over the text, look down to find some of the best collection of I miss you babe quotes.

  1. It going to be you and I in the garden of EDEN forever, I miss you.
  2. The beauty of life is when you hold and smile at me, this are the moments I cherish most with you. I miss you.
  3. I never knew that this journey will take me away for so long, I feel like a fish out of water, I miss you my lovely babe.
  4. I will always love you, you will forever be in my mind, I miss you my dear love.
  5. It is always very hard to keep my eyes off you, I miss you a lot.
  6. “I wish you were here to tell me that everything is gonna be okay.”
  7. My world is empty without you, I miss you, my love.
  8. The most crucial moment of my life is the time when I have to bid you goodbye. I am going to miss you.
  9. I feel like the luckiest person on earth for not having you by my side. I wish I could be reminded of your tight hugs and delicious kisses.
  10. I’m indeed lucky to have you, but very unlucky to not have you with me right now. I miss you.
  11. There are toothaches, fire burns, and fractures. But the most painful feeling one can have is missing someone like you babe.
  12. Sometimes I think l have finally overcome my worst fears because it is nothing compared to the situation of losing you. Come back to me babe, so I can get to see your pretty face again.
  13. These days, I found the habit of hating the skies because of you. The stars and sun constantly remind me of how bright you used to lighten my world.
  14. I hate seeing the rain because it constantly reminds me of how much you used to shower me with love, care, and support.
  15. If I have the power to erase anything it would be the remaining days left before I see your face again.
  16. Today I will be busy doing the dishes, cleaning the house, trimming the flowers, and counting the days left before seeing you again.
  17. If the way I miss you was the oceans, it would be the deepest. If it were a tree, it’d be the tallest. If it were the mountain, it’d be the biggest. You make my world empty while you are away.
  18. I’m like a puzzle with missing pieces, a tree without leaves, and a well without water. I need your presence to complete me, my love.
  19. I’m fed up with a day, an hour, a second, a single moment without you. Your absence takes away the fun in my life, I’m so empty I miss you.