The 20 Most Expensive Colleges in the World (2022)

The most Expensive colleges are determined by the quality of education they (each) can offer to the growing numbers of scholars around the world.

Most parents do (actually) want their children to attend the best colleges but however, some lack core information about the available standard educational institutions.

In this post, we will be dealing with the 20 most expensive colleges in the world.

They are:

20. UCL (University College London), UK

Average Tuition: $25,000

The University College London, also abbreviated as UCL, is one of the best colleges in the world.

Infact, it is one of Britain’s best University and oldest institutions in Europe.

It was founded in 1826 and has it main campus located in Bloomsbury area of London.

With an increasing, growing students population of 41,500 and more than 15,000 staffs, the institution parades a wide range of fields and quality facilities to all scholars.

Moreover, the good news is that its offers scholarships to students base on academic merits.


19. University of Melbourne, Australia

Average Tuition: $30,000

The University of Melbourne, Australia; is one of the best Public research institutions in the world.

Founded in 1853, the University is the second oldest learning institution in the country.

They have several campuses scattered across Victoria but their main campus is located in Parkville.

The level of research, quality of facilities and general college structure and administration is just so excellent!

18. University of Cambridge, UK

Average Tuition: $40,000

University of Cambridge, UK is one of the best colleges in the world.

The University is the World’s fourth-oldest higher institution and the second-oldest across every English speaking country in the globe.

It was founded in 1209 and have set quite a very high academic standard for scholars across the world.

Scholarships also abounds but this is on grounds of academic merits.

17. Harvard University, US

Average Tuition: $47,074

Harvard University, US is one of the best colleges in US with an expensive tag.

Located in Massachusetts, the college offers thousands of postgraduate and undergraduate program for its students.

Since the institution is a private Ivy League research school, they have continually ranked among the best Universities in the world.

The college was established in 1636 and is among the leading oldest institutions across the globe.

16. Imperial College London, UK

Average Tuition: $50,000

Imperial College London, UK; is another great college that offers quality education but at a high fee rate.

Particularly, they major in medicine and has several campuses scattered across the country.

However, their main campus is located in South Kensington while its innovation campus is situated in White City.

Aside from being one of Europe’s most expensive colleges, it is also one of the best University in the world.

Need I say more…

15. Stanford University, US

Average Tuition: $51,000

Stanford University is one of the most renounced and well known University across the globe.

It is a private research institution that has excellent educational tools and equipment – coupled with quality infrastructure and teaching units.

It is located in Stanford, California; which is not so far from the silicon valley.

Infact, this University has always broke in among the best institutions in the world.


14. California Institute of Technology (Caltech), US

Average Tuition: $55,000

California Institute of Technology also abbreviated as Caltech is one of the best colleges in US.

It is strictly a doctorate-granting institution with six academic segmentation.

In particular, they emphasis on Engineering and technology and has produced great graduates since its very foundation.

The higher institution pays a median yearly salary of range within $83,400 and $143,100, which is dependent on the period of study.

Nevertheless, scholarships are readily available to students on grounds of academic merits.

13. Duke University, US

Average Tuition: $55,960

Duke University is one of the best colleges in US.

Founded in 1838 by Methodist and Quakers, the institution commands a massive 8,600 acres of land which spands across the city.

Particularly, the higher institution is exceptional good on postgraduate programs.

Coupled with its quality education, the University is one of the world’s best institutions.

12. University of Southern California, US

Average Tuition: $56,225

Aside from being one of the most expensive colleges in the world, University of Southern California, US; is (confirmably) the oldest private research University in California.

The University is also known as USC and they offer a host of professional courses to its students.

Despite the high fee rate, the institution has an impressive student’s population both in the undergraduate level of study and that of the postgraduate.


11. Franklin and Marshall College, US

Average Tuition: $56,550

Franklin and Marshall College, US; is one of the most expensive institutions in Europe.

The private liberal art residential college was founded in 1787 – making it one of oldest higher institutions in US.

It is located in Lancaster, Pennsylvania and is the frontier of bilingual studies in the country.

Interestingly, up to 55% of students population in the undergraduate level receives need-based financial help from the school.


10. Landmark College, US

Average Tuition: $56,800

Landmark College, US; is a unique college that offers quality education to those in special needs.

These also includes disorders and learning difficulties.

The college offers several types of undergraduates and postgraduates programs to its students.

Interestingly, online courses are readily available for the distant learners.

9. Trinity College, US

Average Tuition: $56,910

Trinity College, US comes in as the next most expensive colleges in the world with a base tuition fee of $56,910.

The school is one of the best liberal art college in the country and also one of the oldest institutions in America.

The admission requirements are set at high standards while the acceptance rate is only 34%.

The higher education institute parades quality in research and productivity.

8. Vassar College, US

Average Tuition: $56,960

Also known as the Seven sisters: a group of northeastern higher institutions that were previously all women’s schools, Vassar College is one of the most expensive University in the world.

They charge a massive average fees of $56,960 and has a growing number of undergraduate scholars.

Yearly, the college has been ranking as one of the best national liberal arts school in the United States.

7. University of Chicago, US

Average Tuition: $57,000

University of Chicago, US is one of the best colleges in Europe.

It was founded in 1890 by the American Baptist Education Society in collaboration with John D. Rockefeller.

It is one of the highly influential colleges in the world and boost of Nobel Prize winning graduates across major spheres of study.

The institution has a commanding adminstrative staff of 16,000 and is one of Chicago’s major employer of labour.


6. ETH Zurich – Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Switzerland

Average Tuition: $60,000

ETH Zurich – Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, is arguably the best college in Switzerland.

The institution was founded in 1854 by the country’s federal government and has continually ranked among the best colleges by QS World University Rankings.

It majors on Engineering, science and technology and aims at equipping their graduates with the skill and power to excellently serve well in the national call of duty.

5. University of Oxford, UK

Average Tuition: $62,000

University of Oxford is a world renounced University that is based in UK.

It is one of the very best Universities in the world and the second-oldest institution alive.

They offers a wide range of undergraduates and postgraduates programs across various fields of studies for its students.

Despite the high fee rate, the students population is impressive and more so, the institution commands standard and quality.

4. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), US

Average Tuition: $65,500

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), US is one of the best colleges in Europe.

It was founded based on the grounds of the increasing rate of industrialization in US.

The University is strictly a practical-based institution that majors in applied science and engineering.

As a results of its high standards of education and lab-based training, the University has produced tonnes of graduates who had won Nobel prize award in various field of engineering and technology.

However, this does not comes cheap as the institution requires its students to vomit a massive average fees of $65,500!

3. New York University, US

Average Tuition: $65,860

New York University, US is another great college to study.

Also abbreviated as NYU, the college was founded in 1830 and is one of the well renounced multinational colleges in the globe.

Infact, it was the first institutions that accepted students based on sound academic performance as opposed to the widely practised social connections.

Apart from US, its campuses are spread across the Middle East, Asia and Europe.

Giving reference to the college’s background and academic strength, the prominent academic institution is dubbed as one of the world’s leading University.

However, it’s extremely expensive!

2. Columbia University, US

Average Tuition: $66,383

Columbia University, US; is the second most expensive college in the world.

The University was founded in 1754 and is one of the oldest learning institutions in the United States.

Interestingly, it was created before the American Revolution and such, is a member of the nine college in the country.

Despite its high tuition fee rate, it boosts of an impressive growing students population and more so, offers a host of undergraduates and some postgraduates programs to its scholars.

It has a very low acceptance rate of 5.5% and is one of the most standard colleges in America.

1. Harvey Mudd College, US

Average Tuition: $67,255

Harvey Mudd College, US is the most expensive college in the world.

Named after and funded by mining engineer Harvey Seeley Mudd, the University is one of the best technological institute across the globe.

Infact, the University has the second highest production rates of STEM PhDs graduates.

Also, the college majors and offers the best Engineering undergraduates program in US and aside specializing in Engineering and IT, it is also best fit for science and mathematics.

Take note: it is extremely expensive and demands students to cough out a huge average tuition fees of $67,255.



That was all on the the 20 most expensive colleges in the World.

Those aforementioned colleges offers the highest standards of education and as such, their prices are premium in magnitude.

Also, they offer education that is way more or equivalent to the amount payable.

However, before we round off the post, let’s take a quick look at the summary:

S/NCollegeAverage Tuition
1.Harvey Mudd College, US$67,255
2.Columbia University, US$66,383
3.New York University, US$65,860
4.Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), US$65,500
5.University of Oxford, UK$62,000
6.ETH Zurich – Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Switzerland$60,000
7.University of Chicago, US$57,000
8.Vassar College, US$56,960
9.Trinity College, US$56,910
10.Landmark College, US$56,800
11.Franklin and Marshall College, US$56,550
12.University of Southern California, US$56,225
13.Duke University$55,960
14.California Institute of Technology (Caltech), US$55,000
15.Stanford University, US$51,000
16.Imperial College London, UK$50,000
17.Harvard University, US$47,074
18.University of Cambridge, UK$40,000
19.University of Melbourne, Australia$30,000
20.UCL (University College London), UK$25,000

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