Neera Tanden Net Worth: How Rich is Neera Actually?

Who is Neera Tanden? 

Neera Tanden is an American political consultant she is also a senior government personnel adviser and secretary to the current American President, Joe Biden in 2021.

Previously she serves as the president of the centre for American Progress (CAP) a liberal advocacy organization, where she worked in different capacities since its founding in 2003, including her net worth.

Full NameNeera Tanden
Birth DateSeptember 10, 1970
Birth PlaceBedford, Massachusetts
Source of WealthPolitical Consultant
HusbandBen Edwards
Net Worth$1.5 million

Among the leading presidential campaign in the US Neera Tanden is seen working for them all, including Bill Clinton in 1992 and Barrack Obama, Neera Tanden was once a campaign leader for Hillary Clinton 2000 run election for the United States, New York City, during Hillary Clinton senatorial elections.

The Early Life of Neera Tanden

On 10th September 1970, Neera Tanden was born, she is born to the family of Bedford Massachusetts. Both parents migrated from India to the United States. Neera has a younger brother named Raj. The name sounds like an Indian name. At a very tender age her both parents divorce, she was just 5 years old. 

Tanden mother’s name Maya, after her separation from her husband she was on welfare support for 2 years before she was able to get a job as an agent in the United States travel tour, 2020 she was appointed to lead the OMB, Neera mentions ”she is mindful her path wouldn’t have come to the limelight in the budgetary choice which reflected on the nation’s value”. 

In 1992, Neera Tanden gained a degree in Bachelor of arts from the University of California, Los Angeles, as time passed by, he became graduate from Yale law school earned a doctorate in 1996, later he was made an editor in the Yale law school.

Her early life goes on when she met her husband in the university, she was still at her early stage in the Los Angeles University in California. Her husband is a reputable artist by the name of Benjamin Edward.

In 1988, Edward and his wife contributed to making Michael Dukakis’s a president which later turns out unsuccessful.

Neera Tanden Career/Politics

Her career began as a campaign manager for many top politicians in the United States including for Hillary Clinton senatorial elections, she was part of the campaign delegates.

Neera career as a professional began when she did her first campaign for Hillary Clinton she was her personal friend and very loyal to her also working for Bill Clinton as a campaign delegate.

For Neera to be a campaign advocate wasn’t just enough, she went on as an adviser to the first lady as a domestic policy advocate to the ‘White House’, also campaigning as a healthcare delegate to the office of the first lady.

In the early part of 2016, Bruce Reed, once a political operative mentioned Tanden participating in the implementation of the Clinton reform bill, the Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Act, signed in 1996. Though Tanden disclaimed being part of the implementation.

She rose to become a policy director for Hillary Clinton in 2008, which turns out to be unsuccessful in the Democratic presidential nomination, for the 2016 primaries campaign, she is known as an unpaid adviser to Clinton, in the republican general election, she notes unsuccessful campaign manager.

Neera has not only to work for Hillary and Bill Clinton, but she also serves as domestic policy director during President Obama’s general election campaign, more so, she works as an adviser to a one time Secretary Kathleen Sibelius, also playing an important role as healthcare legislation.

She was recently honoured by the national journal being amongst the 25 influential women in the Washington 2012, nonetheless, nominated among the ten powerful women in the United States, however, accessing her net worth, click here to know about more net worth reviews.

Benjamin Edward, Neera’s husband

The Union of both starts in the University where they both met each other an proclaim love having the min of spending life together as one, way back in California university in 1989 they got engage their marriage vows was made in 1999.

Conducting their marriage in the White House, precisely the east wings around the yellow oval room, both couples are blesse with two kids a boy and a girl, their daughter Ilina born in 2002 and son Jaden born in 2005.

Net Worth

Neera Tanden is very rich, placing on the list of other top government officials in the United States, career and earnings in the White House have pushed to a greater height, notwithstanding, the activist is among the top richest people in the United States, as a campaign manager and advisor she is heavily paid. 

All the campaigns were both successful and unsuccessful once she was paid for every effort she’s contributed to the campaign. She’s aiming to run for the office of management and budget knowing fully well her earning will be rated around $150,000 yearly. As of 2022, Neera net worth is estimated at $1.5 million.